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All Should Rest in Peace


Mission Statement: The Cremation Assistance Foundation (CAF) is a Christian foundation dedicated to assisting those in need, regardless of circumstances, in the burial/interment of their loved one’s ashes.  We believe that every individual has this right, and CAF will do our best to insure that our clients’ ashes are properly laid to rest.o

Resources and Options


We have resources to assist with final plans and transitions.  CAF is located in Galesburg IL and is a community-wide network of funeral homes, churches, and Hospice looking to give back to those in need.

This non-profit  believes in helping ease the burden of a dying person and/or their family. Our organization will work with you on additional  expenses after cremation has occurred, such as burial/interment, obituaries and death certificates.  A list of our services is  provided during the application process. 

We Need Your Help!


It is from the heart of one that we are able to give peace to the hearts of others. With your generous donation we are able to make final arrangements and create a peaceful resting place for all to be remembered. 

 Proclamation: We therefore commit his/her body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, looking for that blessed hope when the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ shall rise first.  

Please consider helping us with our mission

Our Story

One night a man takes his last breath alone.  He has outlived his family and friends.  No one writes his obituary. No one sends flowers or drops off food to a grieving family . He slips quietly into the night. Meanwhile across town a single mom rally’s the strength to put her kids to bed.  The cancer has taken it’s toll. She worries how she will pay for her final expenses.  What memories will her kids have of her last days. How will she pay for a funeral?  Where will she be laid to rest so that her kids have a place to visit her? Close by, a young family went through years of infertility treatments and all of their savings.  Faced with complications they are now planning a funeral instead of a nursery.  These are just a few of the stories happening around you.  In a local nursing home the cremains of an indigent man sits on the shelf of the director of nursing, who, out of her own pocket paid for his cremation. Sometimes we make plans and sometimes plans change. Most of us go through life believing we will have plenty of time to make plans, but all too often we are called home when we least expect it.  The CAF was created to help ease the financial burden many struggle with.  Through your donations we will work toward providing peace of mind for those affected by such hardships.  


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Cremation Assistance Foundation

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